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Fitness for a healthy relationship

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The benefits of keeping fit are numerous especially in this day and age where a lot is demand from us in terms of energy. While we keep fit to ensure that we have a healthy body and mind, keeping fit also directly affects the people around us especially our spouse. I am sure you have heard the saying, a couple that sweats together sticks together and this saying could not be more truthful. So how exactly does keeping fit ensure a healthy relationship?
There is nothing sexier than confidence, both from a man and a woman. Having body confidence issues is a complete damper in any relationship be it long term or short term. Keeping fit gives you the confidence you need to be comfortable in your own skin and therefore not hold back when it comes to a relationship. When you are not confident you get paranoid and are always thinking that your partner will leave you for someone with a ‘better’ body and this paranoia can cause a rift in the relationship. There is a confidence that comes with exercising and eating right that will go a long way in your relationship.
2. Better performance in bed.
Sex is a key factor in any romantic relationship and a major cause of splits. To be good you don’t have to perform gymnastics in bed but fitness comes in a great deal. Being in a regular exercise regime has tremendous effects on your internal body. Exercising ensures better blood flow, increase endurance, flexibility as well as increase in hormonal levels, all key factors in ensuring a great bedroom experience. The body confidence also plays a big role here as sex is more fulfilling with a partner that is confident.
3. Better mood.
Stress is poison for a relationship as we have a way of letting our bad mood out on our spouses. Keeping fit is a stress reliever. After a session at the gym one feels happy, rejuvenated and ready to face the world with positivity. This positive energy will rub off on your partner and everyone around you. Being in a good mood also helps you solve all your couple problems objectively and with an open mind as opposed to how you would if you are in a bad one.
4. More quality time.
Working out together is a great way to spend time together despite busy schedule. With the hustle and bustle of today’s world couples hardly spend time together and scheduling a combined workout session can create this quality time that is vital for a healthy relationship. Taking yoga classes, jogging or whatever exercise you may deem fit should be done together and at a regular schedule as this is great for the relationship.
5. Makes you more thoughtful
Okay, nothing ticks off a partner more than their spouse forgetting important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. Well sometimes it is not that you don’t care but because you have too much going on to remember. Keeping fit gives a lot of mental sharpness and thoughtfulness. Once you have a healthy mind, forgetting important dates will be a thing of the past.
5. Energy boost.
Nobody wants a partner who is always too tired to do anything extra like a night out or late dinner. Exercise helps keep your energy levels high and therefore you can take part in fun activities that will require some extra energy. You can choose one the many best home workout programs. You will not be the party pooper partner who is always too tired to do anything fun.
6. Better decisions.
Relationships come with decisions such as whether to move in together, whether to have a baby or simple ones such as what to have for dinner. While some decisions can directly harm a relationship, exercising helps oxygen flow to the brain which helps you think more objectively without stressing out and make wise decisions.
These are just a few benefits of fitness in a healthy relationship. While the focus here was on a romantic relationship, fitness also helps a big deal in other relationships such as work, family and friends. Fitness is not only good for the well being of a person’s body but also for those surrounding them. If you haven’t started working out, I suggest you do, no matter your relationship status.